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Home Minister event graced by bollywood actress Sonali Kulkarni

Foundation engages with student to guide them on their career by counseling the young students

Niyathi foundation arranges Home Minister an event to enhance and encourage women's intellectual qualities

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Youth Motivation

Niyathi Foundation is actively working on Career Guidance and Counseling for young students. Niyathi Foundation has conducted 62 Awareness Programs in school and colleges from 2016-2018. Today’s young generation is smart, what they need is proper direction and motivation

Home Minister

It is an all inclusive game for all mahila mandals in and around Belgaum to enhance and encourage women’s intellectual qualities as well as her mental and physical strength.

Women Empowerment

To restore their rightful and dignified status, Niyathi Foundation has initiated women empowerment programs

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Mission No suicide

Niyathi Foundation is doing Social awareness on suicide. they hosted a sessions in different schools & Colleges on  ‘Mission No Suicides’.

Welcome to Niyathi Foundation

This Foundation works to bring about change in the lives of children,
women & vulnerable individuals.




When her father realized this, he consulted her to Flower therapy. After proper diagnosis when she was put on appropriate flower therapy, it gave about great results...

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Mission No Suicide

2018 PUC & SSLC results were out in PUC Il results are just 52% & SSLC results are 71.93% but not a single case of students suicide has been reported
Let’s work in the same zest and fashion

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मिशन नो सुसाईड -1

बेळगाव येथील नियती फौंडेशन तर्फ़े गोगटे कॉलेजच्या बारावीच्या विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी ‘सकारात्मक दृष्टीकोन’ या विषयावर कार्यक्रम राबविण्यात आला.प्रमुख वक्त्या म्हणून डॉ. आश्विनी बेलगावकर...

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मिशन नो सुसाईड - 2

’आज येथील ट्रिनिटी कॉलेज मध्ये नियती फौंडेशन तर्फेमिशन नो सुसाईड या विषयावर व्याख्यान आयोजित करण्यात आले. प्रमुख वक्ते म्हणून जितेंद्र भिडे व नियतीच्या अध्यक्ष डॉ. सोनाली सरनोबत उपस्थित होत्या. सर्वाना काही न काही प्रॉब्लेम...

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मिशन नो सुसाईड -3

आज नियती फौंडेशनतर्फे येथील गोमटेश विद्यापीठमध्ये मराठी माध्यमातील नववी व दहावीच्या विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी 'मिशन नो सुसाईड'या विषयावर सत्र घेण्यात आले.व्यासपीठावर प्रमुख पाहुण्या नियती फौंडेशनच्या प्रमुख...

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